Minted Coin DIY Cocktail Recipe

Minted Coin DIY Cocktail Recipe

Minted Coin DIY Cocktail Recipe

Minted Coin DIY Cocktail Recipe from Silver Coin Tequila

Are you searching for the perfect after dinner drink or cocktail recipe? You can impress your guests by pulling out a hand crafted bottle of Silver Coin Tequila. In addition to going down smooth as tequila shots, you can also use it in a variety of mixed drinks. Continue reading for a detailed description of how to make the perfect, DIY cocktails.

The first thing you need is a bottle of classic, Silver Coin Tequila. In addition, you will also need Baileys and White Creme De Menthe liquor. You can purchase most of the ingredients needed for our Minted Coin cocktail at your favorite, local liquor store. If you want an extra special presentation, make sure to pick up mint leaves for a garnish.

Start out by pouring one oz. of Silver Coin, classic Tequila into your mixer. Then combine one oz. of Baileys Cream Liquor and 1/2 oz. of White Cremed De Menthe and mix with your Tequila. Finally, add coffee to fill the cup and garnish with mint leaves for a truly spectacular cocktail.

Your dinner guests and holiday company will be amazed at your DIY cocktail skills. If you would like more drink making tips and easy cocktail recipes make sure to follow Silver Coin Tequila on Facebook and Pinterest. Our easy to follow, cocktail guide makes it simple to get perfect drinks every time.

You can always add more Silver Coin Tequila if you prefer a stronger cocktail. Many people also recommend the Minted Coin drink for an afternoon pickup or early morning treat on holidays. Either way, please remember to enjoy Silver Coin Tequila responsibly. All alcoholic beverages, cocktails and mixed drinks are for adults twenty one years or older.

Finally, a locally made tequila that is perfect for mixing! Click here for a list of Silver Coin Tequila distributors near you and get the best local spirits.

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