Howling Coyote Cocktail Recipe

Howling Coyote Cocktail Recipe

Howling Coyote Cocktail Recipe

Silver Coin Tequila DIY Howling Coyote Cocktail Recipe

Are you searching for fun ways to stay cool this summer? Pick up a bottle of SILVER COIN Tequila at your favorite, local liquor store and try our Howling Coyote Cocktail Recipe. Because you work hard, why not enjoy a cold drink? Cool and refreshing, the Howling Coyote cocktail is sure to please.

Furthermore, since you can now buy SILVER COIN Tequila at select Albertsons and Costco locations across New Mexico, top shelf tequila has never been more affordable. In addition to our Howling Coyote cocktail, make sure to try our other Summer Drink Recipes.

When you buy Silver Coin Tequila not only are you getting the smoothest tequila, you are also supporting local business. Why not stock up for summer and save? All you have to do is follow the Silver Coin Tequila Blog for weekly updates, drink specials and events. Do you prefer facebook or Google? Just click the links and follow us on social media.

Now the good stuff. Here is the breakdown of our Howling Coyote cocktail recipe. Please remember to drink responsibly and enjoy in moderation. You already know that all Silver Coin Tequila drinks are intended for consumption by adults 21 years of age and older. However, we still want to remind you that you should never drink and drive under any circumstance.

Finally, the step by step instructions for DIY cocktails you have been searching for. Remember to use 1oz, Original, Silver Coin Tequila. Then you will carefully add .75oz of your favorite raspberry liquor. (Chambord or the the like) Lastly, shake the above ingredients together and strain over one large ice cube or serve as a shooter.

There you have it! Make sure to stay posted for more fast and easy, DIY Cocktail Recipes from the makers of Silver Coin Tequila.

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