How To Make The Best Margaritas At Home

How To Make The Best Margaritas At Home

make silver coin margaritas

How To Make The Best Margaritas At Home with SILVERCOIN Tequila

How do I make SILVERCOIN Margaritas? Because everyone loves Margaritas and DIY is the latest trend, SILVERCOIN gives you the ultimate guide to making margaritas. From our traditional SILVERCOIN Margarita to specialty cocktails, like the Blueberry Basil Margarita at Matanza, there is something for every pallet. Enjoy SILVER COIN Tequila responsibly and feel free to share your own drink creations for a chance to be featured!

In addition to giving you the perfect, SILVERCOIN Margarita recipe, we also provide a wide list of other drinks and cocktails. The most important thing to remember whenever making a Margarita is to use a top quality SILVERCOIN Tequila. You can recognize this unique brand by the distinctive Silver Coin logo and custom glass bottle design.

Furthermore, you can now invite all your friends over for National Margarita Day and show off your skills. Follow these easy steps for drink making, made easy with SILVERCOIN Tequila.

Once you have selected a bottle of SILVERCOIN Tequila, you will need to pour 1 oz into your mixer. Remember to use only the Original SILVERCOIN Tequila for the authentic, Silver Coin Margarita experience. The next thing you need is 2/3 oz Cointreau. In case you did not know, Cointreau is a specific brand of triple sec liquor. Cointreau is produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, France and is a key component when making your Silver Coin Margaritas.

Finally, add 1 oz of fresh lime juice to your mixture of Cointreau and SILVERCOIN Tequila. Ensure that your mixer is closed tightly and shake vigorously. After you have everything all shook up, prepare to sit down and enjoy. Conclude your perfect margarita by serving the Original SILVERCOIN Margarita in a salt rimmed glass. You can finalize the perfect DIY Margarita when garnished with a lime wedge.

Please remember to enjoy SILVERCOIN Margaritas responsibly and never drink and drive. If you are hosting a cocktail party, remember to keep an eye on your guests or provide overnight accommodations. Together, we are going to make this the Best National Margarita Day ever!

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