How Can I Get A Free Silver Coin Shirt?

How Can I Get A Free Silver Coin Shirt?

Get a Free Silver Coin Tequila Shirt

Tequila Drinkers asked, How Can I Get A Free Silver Coin Shirt?

Have you seen the new, SILVERCOIN Tequila T shirts? Look for a Silver Coin Tequila representative at local events to get your FREE T Shirt! The best way to get a FREE, SILVERCOIN T-shirt is to follow us on social media and learn about upcoming Silver Coin Tequila Events.

Because not everyone wants a traditional, 100% cotton T-shirt we also offer a women’s cut. In addition to the standard, promotional men’s T-shirt you can also ask for a ladies, V neck shirt. However, supplies are limited to availability and are going fast.

When you get a free T shirt, you want it to fit just right. Most importantly, we want to make sure that you will wear your FREE Silver Coin Tequila T shirt for years to come. That is why we went all out and are giving away high quality, black T-shirts with a white screen print. Once you own a SILVERCOIN shirt it will quickly become your new favorite.

In addition to looking good at the club, SILVERCOIN ladies V-neck and Men’s shirts also look nice in photographs. So remember to snap a few selfies in your FREE promotional shirts and tag #SILVERCOIN and #SilverCoinTequila on Facebook and Twitter. Who knows, you might even get a #ShoutOut or more FREE swag from Silver Coin Tequila.

Because Silver Coin Tequila encourages responsible drinking and consumption of all alcohol products, this offer is only open to adults ages 21 and over. Please note that the FREE SILVERCOIN T SHIRT promotional offer is void where prohibited and subject to change at any time. Furthermore, SILVERCOIN Tequila reserves the right to change the terms at any time for any reason.

Finally, we just got a huge shipment of SILVERCOIN Tequila promotional T-shirts and are ready to start promoting. If you can not find a Silver Coin Tequila event near you, please feel free to contact us online about receiving a FREE shirt.

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