Easy Bloody Maria Cocktail Recipe

Easy Bloody Maria Cocktail Recipe

Easy Bloody Maria Cocktail Recipe

Easy Bloody Maria Cocktail Recipe from Silver Coin Tequila

How do I make fast and easy, DIY Bloody Maria Cocktails? The first thing you need to do is follow the Silver Coin Tequila Cocktail Guide. Start out with a bottle of classic, Silver Coin Tequila and accept no imitations. You can buy Silver Coin Tequila at many local liquor stores and wholesale liquor outlets across New Mexico.

You will want to measure 2 oz. of Silver Coin Tequila into a mixer. Combine your silver tequila with 3 oz of Bloody Mary Mix. You can make your own by searching Google, or buy a ready to drink mix. The next thing you need to do is add a dash of Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce to the mix.

It is important to note that Silver Coin Tequila promotes responsible drinking. We want you to enjoy all of our cocktails and mixed drinks in moderation. Please remember that you should never drink and drive under any circumstances and help us end DWI. You can click here for more details.

Conclude your perfect cocktail by adding a pinch of Celery Salt and Black Pepper to taste. You can move forward and add the juice of two lemon wedges. When you have all of the above listed ingredients in your mixer, shake and pour.

You can garnish your DIY Bloody Maria cocktail with additional vegetable offerings as desired. Furthermore, you can add a touch of sophistication by salting the rim of your drink glass or tumbler. Either way, you now know how to make fast and easy, Bloody Maria Cocktails at home.

Finally, remember all Silver Coin Tequila products are strictly intended for consumption by adults twenty one years of age or older. Thank you from all of us at Silver Coin, New Mexico’s number one, local tequila company.

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