drink SILVERCOIN responsibly

Please Drink SILVERCOIN Tequila Responsibly.

Santa Fe Tequila Company LLC is 100% devoted to the accountable and responsible pleasure of its alcoholic products.  To show our commitment towards responsible and accountable use our products we emphasize the following messages:

  • Prevention of underage sales and drinking at all times
  • Emphasis of smart reasonable consumption of alcohol by adults
  • 100% support of the three-tier alcohol distribution system

Smart, accountable and responsible use of alcoholic drinks by adults of legal drinking age is due in part to the controls that were established when the three-tier system came into existence at the end of Prohibition in 1933. Suppliers (both manufacturers and importers) of alcoholic beverages sell their products to different alcohol distributors in each state. Those distributors then sell to retailers which then sell the beverages to consumers.  This system regulates sales and it documents sales to licensed alcohol wholesale distributors, licensed alcohol retailers and to consumers.

We advocated local and national organizations that promote and sponsor programs for responsible accountable drinking.  We encourage visitors to our website to visit other related websites to learn more specifically about what is being done to publicize and promote smart, accountable, and responsible alcohol consumption.

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