Buy Silver Coin Tequila in Texas

Buy Silver Coin Tequila in Texas

buy silver coin tequila in Texas

Where can I Buy Silver Coin Tequila in Texas

Did you know that Silver Coin Tequila is now sold in the state of Texas? That’s right, New Mexico’s best, local tequila is now available for sale across the Lone Star state of Texas. You can find our affordably priced, top shelf tequila at many of your favorite liquor stores and night clubs.

If you like tequila, you must pick up a bottle of Silver Coin. Because Silver Coin Tequila is perfect for sipping or cocktails, everyone loves our finely crafted spirit. You can click here to view our online guide for mixed drinks and make your next party something to be remembered.

In addition to our fine quality tequila, we are also known for low prices and great local deals. Make sure to ask for Silver Coin Tequila by name when buying liquor in Abilene and Lubbock, Texas. We are sure you will love this exquisitely crafted tequila as shots or in your favorite mixed drink.

You can find out more about the hottest, new tequila brand in Texas by following SilverCoin on Facebook and Pinterest. Or you can always search for news and current liquor trends on our company blog. Either way, watch out for Silver Coin Tequila, hitting the shelves of local liquor stores in Texas this October.

Finally, you can buy our award winning tequila in Texas! From El Paso and Midland to Odessa and Amarillo. Liquor stores, bars and restaurants are now selling Silver Coin Tequila across Texas.

In conclusion, all that we ask is that you drink our top shelf tequila responsibly. If you are planning on going out drinking, simply reserve a designated driver. Please follow all Surgeon General’s Warnings and never drink and drive.

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