Buy Silver Coin at NM Costco Stores

Buy Silver Coin at NM Costco Stores

Buy Silver coin tequila Costco

You can now Buy Silver Coin at NM Costco Stores across New Mexico

Did you know that Costco Wholesale now carries SILVERCOIN Tequila? That’s right, the original, Silver Coin Tequila is now available at all Costco Locations in the New Mexico area. In addition to getting the best quality tequila at the lowest prices, you can now conveniently buy SILVERCOIN Tequila at your local Costco Store.

Because of it’s distinctively shaped glass bottle and brilliant blue label it is easy to find Silver Coin Tequila on the shelf at Costco. Since our award winning tequila moves so quickly, you may not see it on the shelf. Remember to ask for it by name, to ensure you only buy the original, SILVERCOIN Tequila.

Most importantly, when you buy Silver Coin Tequila at Costco you are supporting a local, New Mexico business. Because many other tequila companies claim to have the smoothest tequila in the world, we encourage you to see for yourself. Our process of handcrafting tequila embodies the passion for everything we do at SILVERCOIN.

In addition to buying the best tequila in New Mexico at wholesale prices, you are also supporting local business. With the smoothest tequila at the lowest prices, why would you buy anything else? From Tequila shots to the Perfect Margarita Recipe, stock up on SILVERCOIN at Costco.

Your guests will be impressed when you display your knowledge and sophistication with a bottle of SILVERCOIN Tequila. From our heart and soul to the top shelf of liquor cabinets across America, we are the number one award winning tequila. Smart consumers understand a good deal when they see one. Act now and buy Silver Coin Tequila at a local NM Costco Store near you.

Finally, remember to drive safe and drink responsibly. SILVERCOIN Tequila supports responsible drinking and efforts to end DWI related accidents. Please reserve a designated driver, follow all Surgeon General warnings and never drink and drive. All SILVERCOIN Tequila products are manufactured and sold exclusively for use and enjoyment by adults 21+ years of age.

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