Buy Local New Mexico Spirits

Buy Local New Mexico Spirits

Buy Silvercoin tequila retail

Support Small Business and Buy Local New Mexico Spirits

Did you know that Silver Coin Tequila is New Mexico’s Original Silver Tequila? Because of our love and commitment to providing the highest quality, local Tequila you can buy Silver Coin at affordable prices across New Mexico. All you have to do is ask for it by name when you are at your favorite, local liquor store.

In addition to being some of the worlds smoothest tequila shots, SILVERCOIN also goes great in Margaritas. Click here for our easy DIY Margarita Recipe and get the party started. With so many great reasons to buy SILVERCOIN Tequila, it is easy to see why we are New Mexico’s favorite, local spirit.

Because SILVER COIN Tequila is crafted by the Santa Fe Tequila Company, we know how important it is to keep our quality high and our prices low. We are proud to produce good old fashioned tequila for today’s fast paced world. You can rest assured, we take our time hand crafting each batch of tequila with the same love we put into our distinctive, custom glass bottles.

Experience the difference an award winning tequila can make and switch to SILVERCOIN today. Not only are we a locally owned and operated New Mexico business, we also believe in supporting our community. Find out about local, SILVER COIN Tequila events in your area and get the best Happy Hour Specials near you.

Furthermore, you can now buy Silver Coin Tequila at Costco Wholesale stores across New Mexico. That means, there has never been a better time to stock up on your favorite, local Tequila. When you buy Silver Coin Tequila, not only do you get the best tequila money can buy, you are also supporting local business.

Finally, a locally crafted Tequila company based in New Mexico! Remember to share this news with your friends on facebook and stay posted for more updates from SILVERCOIN Tequila!

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